off-road navigation

Know where you are, know where you have been, and get where you want to go. With reliable GPS track recordings, various online and offline (free) maps and extensive search options, you can navigate when you go off the beaten track.

Know where you are

Use various online maps and Offline 3D Maps, all for free!
Share your location with others, so that they can keep an eye on you during your activities.

Know where you have been

Record GPS tracks while you are walking, running, biking or driving. Check out your performance with altitude and speed profiles and a detailed power zone analysis.
Store Points Of Interest (POIs), for example to remember where you parked your car.

Get where you want to go

Navigate to POIs and navigate along tracks. You get clear visual and audible instructions.
Find any address or place with the powerfull search engine. Plan your route by placing draggable via-points.


...Tracky is available for Android smartphones and tablets. The feature limited Compass app and TrackyTry app are available for free evaluation.


...Tracky is made by TrackThisOut. Feel free to email us to provide some feedback or give us suggestions